25th IAMC Call For Entries

February 29, 2016

Greetings All,

It is with great pleasure we announce the call for entries in this milestone 25th International Automotive Media Competition (IAMC).

All work produced for publication and distribution during calendar-year 2015 is eligible for entry. Whether created for press or public relations purposes, in print, online, video, radio/podcast, books, newspapers, calendars, photos, design, or graphics, virtually everything except advertising is eligible.

"Automotive" includes cars, trucks, motorcycles, motor sports, specialty equipment, and anything else related to the vehicles, activities, personalities, clubs and companies that encompass the automotive world.

The on-time entry deadline is April 30th, 2016, and the on-time entry fee remains at $65.00 per entry.

The entry form can be accessed at: (archived)

The entry rules can be accessed at: (archived)

Full details regarding entry submissions are included in the rules. If you have any questions about anything on the form or in the rules, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

We sincerely appreciate your continued participation in and support of the IAMC. Together, we can improve the quality of our craft.

Please choose your best work from 2015, and start preparing your entries today.

Warm Regards,

  • Tom Kelley, IAMC Operations Director
  • and The IAMC Team